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An Imprint of James Ward Kirk Fiction 

Ghostly Books

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Which Concerns

All Things Ghostly.

  • Your book should fall beneath the Literature category of writing.

  • It is recommended that you purchase your own cover art. If you decide to do this, you must also submit that art for approval after your ms. has been accepted for publication. Otherwise, cover art will be chosen for you via James Ward Kirk Fiction.

  • There should be something ghostly about your proposed novel or story collection–ghosts as characters, alluded to, etc.

  • Manuscripts with Cristocentric worldviews, or studying such from an agnostic perspective (not atheist), will be given special attention. Catholic themes and subjects are especially welcome. Your story may be set in any era past, present, future, or imaginary. Traditional narratives as well as experimental narratives and non-narratives will be considered. Modern, Modernism, Postmodern, and Digimodern (Post-Postmodern) writing styles are all acceptable.

  • Absolutely no transgressive literature for this imprint. If your work is transgressive, please send it to James Ward Kirk Fiction for consideration.

  • Representative authors include, but are not limited to, Charles Dickens, George MacDonald, Anatole France, Arthur Machen, Nathaniel Hawthorne, William Morris, Ralph Adams Cram, Sabine Baring-Gould, J.S. Le Fanu, Mary Eleanor Wilkins Freeman, Edgar Allan Poe, and M.R. James.

  • Representative storylines in film include The Changeling [1980], The Shining [1980], The Amityville Horror [1979], The Woman In Black [1989, 2012], Lady In White [1988], Carnival of Souls [1962], Lost Hearts [1973], The Others [2001].   

  • If accepted for publication, your book will appear in print and electronic formats (ebook).

  • No reading fee, no publication fee, no purchase of books required.

  • The Ghostley Books imprint publishes at least 5 books each year.

  • Send your ms. in a Word .doc file to

  • Turnaround is likely no more than one day. Please direct all questions to Scáth Beorh via the listed email address.

Acquisitions Editor, Ghostley Books

‘Scáth Beorh tells stories permeated with themes of violence, brutality, anguish, punishment, magical realism, and blurred lines between this and the afterlife. Sometimes veiled and at times more overt sarcasm about Christian values and moral inconsistencies underline an ingenious design behind the entertaining tales. The quality of the writing and storytelling indicates an extremely well-informed and competent storyteller.’


1. a meadow or field inhabited by ghosts, and, by extension, a place of ghosts [as with ‘oakley’ being a ‘place or field of oaks’, etiam, ‘kingsley’ [kings’ place], ‘presley’ [place of priests], et cetera;

2. a variant of ‘ghostly’, or ‘haunted with spirits’;

3. ‘saintly, holy, hallowed, set apart’ [also spelled ‘ghostly’];

4. of Sheol, which surrounds all of us



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Angels With Dirty Feet 

Ghostly: A Novel of Postmodern Ireland

Annotated Nephilim Field Guide (anthology)

October House

The Riddance Of Long Snout

The Goat On Which The Lot Fell

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