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Scáth Beorh


‘Scáth Beorh tells stories permeated with themes of violence, brutality, anguish, punishment, magical realism, and blurred lines between this and the afterlife. Sometimes veiled and at times more overt sarcasm about Christian values and moral inconsistencies underline an ingenious design behind the entertaining tales. The quality of the writing and storytelling indicates an extremely well-informed and competent storyteller.’


1. a meadow or field inhabited by ghosts, and, by extension, a place of ghosts [as with ‘oakley’ being a ‘place or field of oaks’];

2. a variant of ‘ghostly’, or ‘haunted with spirits’;

3. ‘saintly, holy, hallowed, set apart’ [also spelled ‘ghostly’]

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The Vampires Of Dreach Fola

Children & Other Wicked Things

The Witch Of Ballinascarty

Dark Sayings Of Old

Classic Ghost Stories

Ghostley Books Forthcoming


coming in April 2017!

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[radio broadcast with a unique unpublished version!]

[see above for the first shocking chapter!]

Ghostly: A Novel Of Postmodern Ireland 

The Annotated Nephilim Field Guide (edited)

October House

Hollywood & Vine

The Stunned House & Other Ghost Stories 

Uncle Treacle’s Bestiary

Gut-Wrenching Horror (edited)

Stained Glass: Mythopoeic Storeys

Ghosts Of Saint Augustine

The Goat On Which The Lot Fell

coming in July 2017!

BEORH calling card Feb 2017

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