Creeping Light Press



the Peculiar Works of

Scáth Beorh


Selected Classics

    Books by Scáth Beorh
    Nephilim Field Guide (editor)
    Haunted by Benevolence
    October House
    Mistress of the Devil (writer/editor)
    For Strangers & Exiles
    Wildflower Prayer Journal
    Yewley’s Good & Evil Monsters
    Vintage Morality Tales (editor)
    Creeping Light Books Forthcoming by Scáth Beorh 
     Watcher at the Gate
    The Stunned House
    Ghosts of Saint Augustine
    Devils & Their Witches (editor)
    The Old Greek
    10345 : Hell by the Numbers
    Classic Gut-Twisting Horror (editor)
    Cool As Fuck (revamped)
    Pinprick (revised)
    The Vampires of Dreach Fola (expanded)
    Children & Other Wicked Things (2018 version)
    The Witch of Ballinascarty (quintessential)
    Classic Ghost Stories (editor)
    Jesus Is A Woman (refreshed version)
    Flying Sorcery (Mojave Edition)
    Horror & the Christian
    BEORH Nouveau card black gold



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