Ghostley Books

Ghostley_LogoAn Imprint of James Ward Kirk Fiction 

Considers Book-Length Submissions of

Literary Horror, Slipstream, Fabulism,

Cross-Genre & Related Literatures

Submission Window Always Open!

    A call for literary manuscripts–both novels and story collections. Mystery, Hardboiled, Science Fiction, Suspense, Fantasy, Horror, Weird Western, Cross-Genre, Childhood Drama. (No Zombies, Cyberpunk, Slasher, Steampunk, or Pandemic).
    Your cover letter should include a proper greeting, a brief bio, and a short synopsis of your work.
    There should be something dark about your writing–and it should be written to the highest literary standards. Your work may be set in any era past, present, future, or imaginary. Evil should be depicted as counterfeit to a higher good.
    It is recommended that you acquire your own cover art of at least 300 dpi. Doing so, you must submit that art to Ghostley Books (not JWK Fiction) for approval after your ms. has been accepted for publication. Otherwise, cover art will be chosen for you.  
    Representative authors include Charles Dickens, George MacDonald, Anatole France, Arthur Machen, Nathaniel Hawthorne, William Morris, Ralph Adams Cram, W. B. Yeats, Sabine Baring-Gould, J.S. Le Fanu, Saki, Mary Eleanor Wilkins Freeman, Edgar Allan Poe, James Thurber, O. Henry,  and M.R. James, among others.
    Representative storylines in film include The Changeling [1980], The Shining [1980], The Woman in Black [1989, 2012], Lady in White [1988], Carnival of Souls [1962], Lost Hearts [1973], The Others [2001], The Devil’s Backbone [2001], The Innkeepers [2011], The Haunting [1963], I Will Follow You Into the Dark [2012], Left in Darkness [2006], The Witch [2015], The Blackcoat’s Daughter [2015], The Presence [2010], The Rite [2011], Presence of Mind [1999], House of Good and Evil [2013], The Legend of 1900 [1998], The Lodgers [2018], The Exorcism of Emily Rose [2005], Deliver Us From Evil [2014], Dracula [1974], The Daisy Chain [2008].
    If accepted for publication, your book will appear in trade paper print and electronic formats (ebook). 
    No reading fee, no publication fee, no purchase of books or cover art required, no social media marketing or business plan required of the author. Ghostley Books is a publisher of print-on-demand literature. Each Ghostley Book is produced with classic cream pages and a matte cover.
    Novels 50K – 95K words
    Story Collections 50K – 95K words
    No advance. Royalties paid from net proceeds, per contract. You may also inexpensively order your book in bulk from the parent publisher, James Ward Kirk Fiction.
    No simultaneous submissions. Yes, multiple submissions considered.
    No writing which depicts in a positive way any thought, word, or action believed to be normal in a transgressive society. Questions? Write and ask.
    Reprints of books are considered only if the original is out-of-print with the publisher and you own the copyright. Stories for collections need not have been first published elsewhere. 
    Send your ms. in a readable file to:
    Turnaround is usually no more than one day. Direct all questions to Scáth Beorh via the above email address.
    Have short stories, scholarly articles, or reviews of books or film? Send your work for consideration to Trembling Journal, the annual periodical of Ghostley Books.

    1. a meadow or field inhabited by ghosts, and, by extension, a place of ghosts [as with ‘oakley’ being a ‘place or field of oaks’, etiam, ‘kingsley’ [kings’ place], ‘presley’ [place of priests], et cetera;
    2. a variant of ‘ghostly’, or ‘haunted by spirits’;
    3. ‘saintly, holy, hallowed, set apart’ [also spelled ‘ghostly’];
    4. of Sheol, which surrounds all of us, at least for the time being

    Ghostley Books by Scath Beorh
    Cool As Fuck
    The Vampires Of Dreach Fola
    Children & Other Wicked Things
    The Witch Of Ballinascarty
    Dark Sayings Of Old
    Classic Ghost Stories (editor)
    The Annotated Nephilim Field Guide (editor)
    Jesus Is A Woman
    Ghostley Books Forthcoming by Scath Beorh 
    Haunted By Benevolence
    October House
    Beorh Story Omnibus
    Goat of Azazel (writer/editor)
    Stories for Boys
    For Strangers & Exiles
    Ghosts of Saint Augustine
    BEORH Nouveau card black gold



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