Ghostley Books

Ghostley_LogoAn Imprint of James Ward Kirk Fiction 

Now Only Publishing

the Peculiar Works of

Scáth Beorh

as well as the annual

Trembling Journal

Have short stories, scholarly articles, or reviews of books or film? Send your work for consideration to Trembling Journal, the annual periodical of Ghostley Books.

    1. a meadow or field inhabited by ghosts, and, by extension, a place of ghosts [as with ‘oakley’ being a ‘place or field of oaks’, etiam, ‘kingsley’ [kings’ place], ‘presley’ [place of priests], et cetera;
    2. a variant of ‘ghostly’, or ‘haunted by spirits’;
    3. ‘saintly, holy, hallowed, set apart’ [also spelled ‘ghostly’];
    4. of Sheol, which surrounds all of us, at least for the time being

    Ghostley Books by Scath Beorh
    Cool As Fuck
    The Vampires of Dreach Fola
    Children & Other Wicked Things
    The Witch of Ballinascarty
    Dark Sayings of Old
    Classic Ghost Stories (editor)
    The Annotated Nephilim Field Guide (editor)
    Jesus Is A Woman
    Books Forthcoming by Scath Beorh 
    Haunted by Benevolence
    October House
    Born From Above : The Scath Beorh Reader
    The Goat of Azazel (writer/editor)
    For Strangers & Exiles
    Sinking Into Thin Air
    Flying Sorcery
    BEORH Nouveau card black gold



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